Trayvax was founded in 2013, and its initial goal was a product that would reduce plastic waste. What was supposed to be a reusable plastic bag carrier through many prototypes became a Trayvax minimalist wallet.

Switching from a regular wallet to a minimalist one may seem impossible. You simply can’t fit all your credit cards, cash, business cards, loyalty cards, coupons, receipts, etc in such a small wallet. However, most of these things you don’t even use on a daily basis so why would you carry them with you all the time?

The reason why we prefer minimalist, front pocket wallets over old-fashioned bifold wallets is that they are lightweight, slim, and more functional. Just the thing that you don’t have to take your wallet out of the back pocket every time you want to sit makes such a difference.

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Most of the stuff you usually carry around in your wallet can now be on your smartphone. There are apps that give you options for digitizing your business cards, receipts, membership, and discount cards. 

You should also get rid of personal items. Stuff like photos, fortune cookie messages, bar napkins, and similar things that have no practical purpose and are only cluttering your wallet. We don’t say you should throw them away if they have sentimental value to you, but you can leave them at home.

RFID Blocking

Another benefit of Trayvax is that their wallets are RFID blocking. You probably heard about this before, but in case you haven’t, RFID is short for Radio Frequency Identification. This refers to the process of tracking and identifying tags attached to different objects. It is widely applied in different areas, some of them: public transportation, control of access, passports, logistics, inventories, and warehouses. 

Today, most credit cards have an RFID tag inside them for faster transactions. Unfortunately, this makes you pretty exposed to information and credit card thievery. A modern pickpocket equipped with an RFID scanner can steal your driver’s license information, credit cards, or even gate access cards without physically touching you.

RFID blocking wallets protect your cards with RFID tag, but when purchasing one make sure that the manufacturer can back their claims about protection. Also, depending on the material of the wallet, the level of protection can vary. Aluminum and steel wallets will provide the highest safety.

3 Best Trayvax wallets of our choice

Element Wallet

Traywax Element

This model is a twist on a classic leather wallet. It is made of a stainless steel frame wrapped in top-grain oil-tanned leather and tied with MIL-SPEC paracord. Element can hold 3-10 cards, and 1-5 folded bills, it also has an integrated money clip and bottle opener. Besides its RFID protection, it is also TSA-approved. 


Contour Wallet

Trayvax Contour

Trayvax Contour is their most sophisticated model. The bottom plate is CNC-machine-made and can be stainless steel, brass, or titanium and the top plate is PVD-coated for durability. Every plate is wrapped in top-grained oil leather. It is packed with an integrated bottle opener and adjustable sliding clasp and can hold 1-13 cards, and 1-10 folded bills. Same as every model, it is RFID protected.


Ascent Wallet

This is a tough durable model you will carry for a long time. It is made out of one stainless steel plate and top-grain, oil-tanned leather that is hand-stitched to a plate and secured with brass rivets. The plate is melonite finished and has notches on both sides for a more comfortable grip. Ascent can carry 4-7 cards and 1-5 folded bills. 


Finally, Trayvax offers high non-compromising quality, and a 65-year heirloom warranty for every model speaks for itself. Their varied wallet models are packed with convention and build to withstand the toughest conditions. 

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